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Site Audit and Contamination Assessment

The increasing public awareness and the relatively high remediation costs for site rehabilitation have owners, tenants, business partners, buyers and financial institutions seriously concerned about the risk of substantial liability with respect to possible ground and structure contamination prior to property purchase or at the site of an existing business operation. To assist in dealing with these concerns, a typical property assessment carried out by AN-GEO often includes the following:

(a) Initial Interview with Owner/Client

(b) Review of Public and Other Historical Records

(c) Site Reconnaissance and Interviews

(d) Site Investigation

(e) Laboratory Testing and Analyses

(f) Final Report

AN-GEO also has the capability to carry out site-specific studies where extra-ordinary circumstances necessitate the need for special investigation strategies in accordance with past and present use of the site and adjacent properties. This could apply to challenges associated with industrial plants, mine sites, chemical release, spills, buried hazardous wastes, etc.

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