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Waste Disposal Facility Design and Construction

Waste disposal is a key environmental issue for modern society. Land based disposal options are relatively popular at the present time because of the comparatively ease of access, better cost benefits and manageable adverse effects to the environment. Common land based disposal options include sanitary landfilling or engineered impoundment, composting and land farming.

Air pollutant release, soil and water contamination are major environmental concerns for land based disposal methods, particularly when hazardous or toxic wastes are involved. The extent of air and soil pollution is generally local to the disposal sites and therefore comparatively easy to control. However, leachate generated from the wastes can migrate and impact surface waters and groundwater at a distance from the site. It is essential that all land based waste disposal facilities are carefully located, planned, designed, constructed, operated and managed to minimize the risk of damaging the environment. Appropriate engineering steps in the development of any land based waste disposal facilities should include waste characterization, operation feasibility study, site location impact and optimization assessment, containment system design, management review, closure concept evaluation and monitoring formulation.

AN-GEO has the technical capability for the planning, location selection, testing and monitoring of new and to be modified existing land based disposal sites. In addition, AN-GEO can provide site specific design, construction and operation monitoring services as well.

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