The technical staffs of AN-GEO have led hundreds of environmental projects in the past. Included in these projects were studies for operation review, management planning, environmental audits, impact and risk evaluations, landfill studies, preacquisition site assessments, contamination studies, hydrogeological evaluations, underground storage tank investigations, site remediations, design of monitoring systems, expert consulting for legal firms, and implementation of mitigative measures. In addition, the services provided included project management, construction observations and monitoring of rehabilitation for both existing sites and new facilities.

This experience is highlighted by the selected projects described below:

Technical Consulting for Litigation

Property Environmental Liability Assessment

Environmental Management Program

Underground Fuel Storage Tank Investigations

Contaminated Site Health Impact Management Action Plan

Environmental Impact Assessment

Industrial Separation and Land Use Restriction Study

Oil and Gas Development Impact Evaluation

Indoor Air Quality Problem Assessment

Military Installation Remediation Study

Circuit Board Manufactory Residual Contamination Assessment

Burn Site Assessment and Hazardous Debris Removal

Tailing Pond Impact Monitoring Assessment and Remediation

Public Transport Facility Installation Decommissioning, Subsurface Contamination Assessment and Remediation

Laundry Plant Site Contamination Review

Privatization Study for Arctic Bulk Fuel Storage and Distribution Facilities

Arctic Environmental Assessment

Licensing for Hazardous Recyclable and Industrial Waste Processing Plant

Hazardous Waste Transfer Station and Landfill Study

Airport Terminal Building and Airfield Construction Site Subsurface Contamination Evaluation

Pipeline Terminal Spill Evaluation

Chemical Storage Facility Permit Application

Chroming Plant Contamination State Review

Highway Expansion Contamination Remediation

Agricultural Chemical Transfer Station Site Feasibility Study

Landfill Siting Evaluation

Liner Design and Construction Planning

Landfill Expansion Studies


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